” El Flaco & The Red Cap Chiefs

El Flaco & The Red Cap Chiefs

The Samurai Series Vol. 1

Rachel Row - Follow The Step (Kink mix ft. eL Flaco & Messy Sounds)

Freestyle recorded one early morning after a not so wild night over Kink’s mix of Rachel Row’s MASSIVE tune by Messy Sounds & eL Flaco.

AT Messy Sounds Studio’s - East ham - London 


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Happy 4.20!!!!

Happy 4.20!!!!

It’s 4.20!!!!

My first tune in almost two years….emosh….

This tune’s basically a song I wrote stoned stiff at different times this last week…..for the ‘eco-friendly’ amongst us. For those who live by the same rules & guidelines I do….It’s not a plant, it’s a drug….

This is the raw mix we’re putting out for y’all….I love the ‘feel’ of vocals yet to be mixed down, the raw emotion….with all it’s imperfections….thought it wouldn’t be too bad for the real fans to hear what the music sounds like before it’s final mix…sort of a ‘collector’s item’ one might say….

For Rob.

For Rose.

For Mary.

Happy 4.20!!!!!

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TeeZee - Swagga Mi Gbono [Prod. K. Logic] (by MirrorManMusic)

Dice Ailes - Feeling the way BTS (by MirrorManMusic)

Temi - The EP coming soon (by MirrorManMusic)

A different you (by TheJimiTONES)



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Coming Soon!!! Produced by Mirrorman’s O’Shakes. 


Coming Soon!!! Produced by Mirrorman’s O’Shakes. 

Mr QPD Drugs (Qmix) Freestyle Viral Video Feat El Flaco MM (Gidi Boys) (by TheLagos2london)